Getting ready to fight it out in the open.

Ambitus firmly believes that sports activities not only keep the students agile and active but also be a very lucrative career option too. It has the Ambitus Sports Academy to groom talented students, which has renowned sports personalities in the country are associated with it.

In keeping with the school's mission of imparting holistic education, a well-defined sports

activity has been weaved into the curriculum. Using the world-class infrastructure, committed physical education instructors identify and nurture each child's inherent sporting qualities. Quality training is provided in outdoor sports like Football, Hockey, Cricket and Athletics in the vast playground with a 200-meter track. Guest coaches provide special training to students who hold a promise of shaping up into talented sports persons and bring laurels to the institution.

Learning to take control, and rule legacies.

Ambitus students are given ample options to choose the discipline of their interest.

Ambitus does not miss a chance to make schooling memorable for a lifetime. It does not believe in preparing students merely from the academic point of view. Emphasis is laid on shaping the students into well-rounded individuals with strong commitment towards their chosen goals. The students of different age groups are provided expert guidance by the professional trainers hand-picked from the best institutions in the country. The school has synthetic courts for students to pursue Tennis, Basketball and a Skating Rink has been designed for students to train in Roller-Skating.