Our Objectives

Where minds are nurtured with the fuel of nature.

Ambitus World School offers a unique trans-disciplinary program designed to foster the all-round development of the individual student encompassing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs as well as academic excellence.

Learning in the Environment: Teaching also happens amidst the trees, so that learning happens by absorption and observation.

Focus on Learning: Encourage each student to achieve his or her maximum potential both academic and social.

People and Best Practices: Employ teachers and staff with the best training and knowledge; who are passionate, committed and result-driven.

Global Citizens: Maintain an international culture in the school that is reflected in its learning programs and global connections.

Infrastructure and Facilities: Provide the latest infrastructure and educational practices appropriate to the intellectual needs of the students coming from across the globe.

Collective Responsibility: Encourage students, teachers, administration and parents to play an active role in promoting educational excellence.

Creating Partnerships: Associating with academicians, reputed institutions and organisations from across the world to bring in the best in educational practices through exchange programmes.

Future-Focused: Strive to be a leading and progressive school, firmly focused on the future aspirations, while being strongly rooted in the rich heritage and culture of our past.

Community Connections: Connect with our local community, striving to make a relevant contribution by establishing and maintaining meaningful partnerships.