Let the world be testimony to the talent within.

Ambitus has a well-designed multi-utility indoor complex with ample seating and modern audio-visual equipment for quality presentations and events. A full-fledged health club and an aerobic center are also planned for fitness freaks.

The multi-storied centrally air-conditioned indoor sports complex close to the main academic block has synthetic as well as wooden flooring to pursue Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Billiards and Tae-kwon-do. This mammoth complex will be the venue for music, plays, cultural and literary fests, felicitations, parents meet and celebrations of various festivals and occasions of national importance. Students are shown latest movies, interesting documentaries and educational CDs using modern equipment and facilities available.

Serving good health and hygiene, with good taste.

Ambitus is a Day-Boarding school and is fully equipped to provide quality and tasty food for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks.

Healthy eating for healthy learning is the dictum followed at Ambitus. The school has a spacious kitchen within the campus with all modern gadgetry such as steam cooking, gas furnace, electric oven and steam-washing equipment. Experienced chefs under strict hygienic conditions prepare delicious and balanced diet after consulting the expert dieticians. The dining facilities here are ultra-modern, spacious and can accommodate large number of students. Faculty members and management dine here to monitor the quality of the food served and students' dining etiquettes. Central water purifying plant provides safe and purified drinking water to students at all times.