Chairman's Message

A strong foundation and an ambitious goal

Sri. Bollineni Seenaiah is a classic example of 'His works being more popular than the person'. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has the Midas touch.

The only difference is that he puts his heart and soul in every project he undertakes. His imprint can be seen in various fields, where he has ventured and the flags of success are fluttering high. Ambitus World School is now under his tutelage and will, without any doubt, emerge as a leading educational portal in the region sooner than later.

In all these years of experience, I learnt one very simple, yet, very significant lesson; the need of the society is like the ocean and the service we render are like the drops. So, I am determined to add as many drops as I can and tell my self, 'I tried my best'. Today, my vision is set on raising the stature of Futuristic Edu Initiatives, as well as adding more Schools to the group, as they are the platform to nurture the future global leaders. The task is arduous and the path grueling, but, I have two things going for me, one my family's motivation and other the society's unstinted support.

B. Seenaiah
Chairman, Futuristic Edu Initiatives