Because a child's skill can turn into his career.

Ambitus strongly encourages its students to develop their spirit and enrich their school lives by actively involving in co-curricular and extracurricular club activities.

The school's students lead clubs offer a wide range of club activities appropriate to their age. Students find these activities to be very rewarding, memorable, and a valuable part of their overall personal growth. Primarily, there are two types of club activities - those that are part of the formal curriculum and are compulsory, and extracurricular clubs, which are optional. The clubs provide opportunities for students to enjoy their hobbies, improve innate skills, and discipline themselves in the process. For students, clubs are important in the student's life as a way to get to know other students in different grades and forge lasting companionship.

Ambitus Students Lead Clubs and Societies:

Science Club Math Club Literary Club Sports Club
Adventure Club Arts & Crafts Club Music and Dramatic Club Home Science Club

A dive that brings out a winner every time

Ambitus World School aims at providing infrastructure of international standards to enhance physical development in the student community during their schooling.

The school has a massive swimming pool with automatic filtering with well-demarked zone for beginners, learners and advanced swimmers. Students, right from their initial stages are trained in this life-saving discipline. The toddler pool has been imaginatively designed with a rain shower that kids enjoy to play under. A qualified and trained professional provides coaching as well as acts as a lifeguard. A tiered seating arrangement has been made around the swimming pool for students to witness swimming competitions from the gallery. Interested students are also provided training in Yoga, Meditation, Marital Arts and Aerobics.