With flowers and fauna, even knowledge blossoms.

Ambitus World School is nestled in the lap of nature and is spread over 5.5 acres of picturesque land. The campus has been designed to meet the highest educational expectations of the students coming from different parts of the globe.

The institution stands as a true symbol of new-generation schooling. This technology-enabled futuristic campus is scientifically planned and artistically designed with an array of latest amenities to groom tomorrow's global citizens. As you enter the campus, you feel the environment. The gentle swaying breeze carries the commotion and dedication of the young children learning their first lessons. The intermittent chirping of birds makes you feel you are listening to a symphony. This Eden of education is located at a 10-minute drive from JNTU, Kukatpally.

  • Inspiring and aesthetic campus for 21st century students
  • Designed as a full-fledged K-12 School
  • Only 24 students per classroom
  • Interactive Teaching supplemented by Educational Tours
  • Associated with leading organisations to provide Value Added Courses
  • Advisory Board comprises eminent educational consultants

A curriculum the world sees with great respect.

Ambitus World School worldwide leaders in raising educational standards, conducting exams in over 9000 schools across 160 countries.

Students who complete the globally-accepted Middle Years Programme at Ambitus are ready to take on the systematic education pattern of the higher classes confidently. 

The Middle Years curriculum devised by the Ambitus Academic Advisory board is intensive and innovative to hone the students' power of reasoning and analytical skills. During the course, the prime focus of the teachers is on nurturing and strengthening independent learning in a idea provoking surroundings. The curriculum aims to:

  • Provide a smooth transition from Childhood to Adolescence Learning
  •   Develop knowledge of local and global issue
  •  Communicate ideas and express creativity through action
  •   Become well-balanced, confident and competent learners
  •  Develop a strong relationship between staff and students
  •  Instill life and study skills that support healthy personal development
  • Promote a love of learning and inquiry
  • Have a fair and consistent approach to discipline

International Organization for Standardization - ISO 9001 : 2008